Зайчик Побігайчик || The rabbit.

One of the most prominent characters in Ukrainian fables, sometimes playing the leading role, sometimes a secondary one. Portrayed as cute and cuddly, always tender and kind, but in our post-2022 interpretation, the rabbit grows in stature and awareness, evolving into a true fighter. It staunchly defends its identity and origins.

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Kривенька Kачечка || Crooked little duckling

Just like in the fairy tale where the girl gathers the necessary feathers to fly again, the girl symbolizes Ukraine, to whom 12 golden feathers are offered, representing the 12 stars of the European Union, while she holds the thirteenth, providing her with the strength needed to be reborn and fly again.

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Івасик - Телесик || Ivasuk Telesuk

Ivasuk Telesuk, now grown and aware, escapes from the serpent aboard a drone. However, it's not an ordinary drone, but rather a drone made of cardboard, currently being used by the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

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